The Power of Social Media in Your Job Search

Do you feel like you have exhausted all of your resources when it comes to submitting your resume for a job? Remember, your "network" is one of the most powerful tools you have to get your resume on top of the pack. (See the previous post, " The Art of Networking," for more information). In addition to  your network, social media can play a big part in the success of your job search. More than ever, recruiters and hiring managers are "on the prowl", on all the social media networks, looking for IT talent. Below are a few "tricks" to help you stand out on these individual social media sites.
1. LinkedIn - If you are in the "IT" world, LinkedIn will be your best bet for promoting your talents and experience. Most recruiters and hiring managers go to LinkedIn first to find talent and connect with people for prospective jobs. Treat your LinkedIn profile as a "living resume." Your most recent jobs, skills, education, etc. should be on your profile, and updated when necessary. You should also use LinkedIn to follow companies you are interested in working for, or people you want to connect with for either a job or to just be part of your network.
2. Facebook - Facebook should be treated as a "collaboration" site when it comes to your job search. "Like" companies that interest you, and participate in discussions that lend to  your particular skills and interests. By participating in discussion boards and on company pages, you will build your online presence and in return, have a greater chance of connecting with recruiters and hiring managers.
3. Twitter - Twitter is your chance to stay up to date with the latest IT and job trends. You can search for people, companies, and groups that are in your industry, or share your common skills and interests. You can also broadcast your knowledge and share news articles and stories with people who follow you.
4. Goolge+ - Goolge+ is another great way to collaborate with fellow job seekers, employers, and groups of similar interests and skills. In addition, Google+ also has an innovative "video conferencing" system that allows you to video chat with people. This can be a great tool to use instead of a phone introduction or interview.
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