Why does your business need the services of an IT staffing agency?

The IT recruitment process involves finding, hiring, and onboarding personnel with the right skill-set mix, the right experience, and the the right pay. It can be a burdensome and expensive process for any company, yet IT staffing can make all the difference in keeping business operations up and running.

How important is IT recruitment to a company? Information Technology (IT) has evolved and grown ever more complex in the last decade, such that the IT staff you may have hired 10 years ago may not have the knowledge base needed for today’s computerized business platforms. And, since most business accounting, marketing, sales, customer management, HR, and payroll are now digital, putting your IT infrastructure in the wrong hands can mean hours of downtime or massive amounts of lost financial data.

The development and optimization of your IT team takes an HR department that is familiar with the specific language, certifications, and broad skill sets that are unique to the computer technology industry. Often, this is not the case for the average HR department. For example, there is a difference between a Data Scientist and a Data Analyst, just as the job description of a Customer Service Call Center Representative is miles apart from the skills that a Tech Call Center Operator will need.

Why Consider An IT Staffing Agency?

Augmenting your HR department with an IT staffing agency allows any company to be more flexible. Consider the ability to quickly pivot when economic challenges, customer demand, or industry practices change and require expansion into new markets, new territories, or new business models (such as e-commerce)

For example, the global pandemic of 2020 caused many jobs to go remote, with employees working from home. At the same time, customer demand for e-commerce skyrocketed. And, new markets that supported telehealth, videoconferencing, food delivery, and much more – suddenly exploded. Every one of these industries demanded IT personnel to make the business pivot successfully within the new economic landscape – even if only for a few years, you either survived, thrived, or died.

Consider the benefits and importance of a Denver IT Staffing agency that can make sure your IT recruitment objectives are met, efficiently and effectively, even when economic conditions change rapidly.

Companies get access to expert IT personnel

The IT tech industry has its own set of challenges when it comes to hiring IT experts. The main 3 include:

  1. Rapid-fire advancements in IT products and services have caused a skills gap in the current IT workforce.
  2. There exists a shortage of seasoned professionals, many who often transition into business management.
  3. The hiring process for IT experts can be a long one, causing HR recruiters to lose candidates to competitors.

These 3 challenges illustrate the need for IT staffing agency services. Companies like Innovar Group already have a current IT workforce database with IT workers who have the most common IT skills already at their fingertips. And, they’ve already established key partnerships with those that educational and organizational institutions that train, test, and certify IT personnel.

The timeliness in which a Denver IT staffing agency can send a company any number of possible new hires that are ready and willing to get to work can be lightnening fast. Some IT job descriptions are more specialized and require candidates with a higher skill set and verifiable education, training, anc certifications.

Going through the IT recruitment and verification process for highly skilled IT professionals can be extremely time consuming. The fastest way to get access to skilled computer specialist, who also have the right experience, is with an IT staffing agency.

Helps IT professionals find their ideal career

On the flip side, IT recruitment also serves the many IT professionals who desire to pick and choose exactly where they want to work, the professional role they will have within the company, and most important – the premium pay that contracted IT staff will often earn.

IT recruiting firms have an extensive network of companies to which they supply IT experts. IT professionals know they can get their resumes in front of more top companies when they work with a good IT staffing agency. And, once they have partnered with a staffing agency, all their credentials, references, and certifications have been checked and verified, which makes the hiring process much faster.

This means they can get hired faster. According to a recent article citing Glassdoor statistics, internet and computer tech jobs have one of the longest hiring processes, behind the government and aerospace jobs. The interview and hiring process can take up to 24 days with the HR workforce. An IT staffing agency will certainly provide much faster access to companies that are ready to hire the right individual for the job.

Because of the pre-hire, in-depth background check conducted by IT staffing agencies, most computer techs are able to go from interview to hire, much faster.

Why Businesses Need An IT Staffing Agency

Deep understanding of IT roles in modern business

There are an estimated 20 critical IT professions, and each IT category will have sub-positions. No other career has as many options as information technology. This wide range of skill sets, certifications, and direct experience can make it difficult to pinpoint the exact IT or computer specialist you really need for your business.

For example, a software engineer who has only experience building interactive gaming apps may not be the right choice if your company needs a software engineer who specializes in building business apps using Java and C++. Within each IT role exists a subset of skills that are unique to different business models.

A third-party IT staffing firm will work with a wide range of career IT professionals and the companies who hire them. This gives an IT staffing agency a deeper understanding of the expert knowledge base your company really needs. The worst thing a company can do is to hire an IT professional who earns a 6-digit salary, only to discover they need to hire supplemental IT professionals to really get the job done.

Access to work-ready technical and IT experts

Here again, the benefit of working with a professional Denver IT staffing agency can save your company money, time, and effort – even when you know exactly the IT role your company needs to fill. Consider the time it takes to advertise in multiple markets for an IT expert. Next, your tech department may work with IT to examine all the responses and decide which resumes to move forward.

Finally, the scheduling of interviews, the verification of work experience, and the validation of IT credentials takes a lot of time and effort. When all these HR admin tasks are left to a hiring agency, your business can have fast access to IT experts that are ready to go to work for you.

Can Offer Business Development Solutions

Business development can happen on many fronts, such as offering e-commerce websites, opening new territories, or providing a new line of services or products which can all take a business to new heights. Other times, a company isn’t looking to grow, but to become more efficient with business operations or provide a higher level of service to existing customers, which can be a website that is more interactive and showcases more of the company’s benefits.

All these business development opportunities will likely include the use of new software platforms that must be integrated with current applications. Or, maybe the answer is customer relationship management (CRM) software to support sales and leverage the power of social media to engage your customer persona.

Information technology is the basis on which business models are founded and executed. An IT staffing agency can be an important partnership in growing your business and keeping it competitive.

Innovar Group IT Staffing offers employers and job-seekers access to both skilled talent and high-paying careers in computer technology. Visit our website to discover how Innovar can make your great vision for business success materialize with great people who have the right IT knowledge and computer skills you need.