What is IT Staffing & Recruiting How to Properly Staff Your IT Team

What is IT Staffing & Recruiting? How to Properly Staff Your IT Team

When the movie I, Robot was released in 2004, it was an example of how artificial intelligence or information technology (IT) could be interwoven in our everyday lives. The way the movie portrayed how robots aided humans in completing even the most mundane tasks seemed futuristic at best, certainly not something that would help workplaces operate more efficiently in the modern era. However, although it’s still a bit far away from us having self-driving cars that work flawlessly or having our own personal robots assigned to make our lives easier, the integration of information technology, or IT, has made its way within virtually every industry, none more so, though, than positions that utilize IT themselves or within IT based companies. Suffice it to say that IT has grown by leaps and bounds and has now become a valuable part of the recruiting and staffing arenas for the IT industry or technology roles.

What is IT Staffing & Recruiting?

Thanks to the many technological advancements in the way the IT sector operates, it has now become a bit more complicated to staff IT departments and get the right talent for this niche area. There seem to be more positions needed filling than talent who can fill them, since the roles are so nuanced and specialized. Therefore, many IT companies, and perhaps you can relate, have found themselves needing to reach out to staffing companies to ensure they get qualified talent who can adequately fulfill a needed position. Staffing brands that specialize in finding IT talent are called IT staffers or recruiters. In other words, IT staffing means one company or organization helping another company find job candidates that fit specific requirements to fulfill their technology-based positions. 

Why There is a Necessity to Have IT-Focused Staffing?

There are many positions that require a specific set of talents, education, or background. However, when it comes to IT roles, or those entrenched in technology, the way to find these recruits can often be extremely challenging. IT hiring is actually a skill of its own and there are often not enough people within a business to fulfill the role of recruiters and to go out and find the staff needed to fulfill these valuable positions. 

IT staffing refers to a type of company that operates outside an agency itself to help the agency or company recruit the best talent to work for their business. Of course, some other companies take a different approach and utilize IT services themselves within their own HR departments to hopefully oversee the job. However, thanks to the ever-evolving technology industry, outsourcing to a company that specializes in utilizing IT for staffing needs can make a lot of sense, especially when considering the ultra-competitive technology market. 

What About Recruiting, Why is That Necessary?

Today’s business market is desperate for employees who are highly qualified and able to fulfill the necessary roles within their organizations. In fact, around 73% of all IT leaders state that filling open tech positions and recruiting technologists is a main challenge for them. An astounding 90% of all hiring managers claim that fulfilling AI, Data Science, IT or Cloud roles with qualified talent is difficult. 

Finding the right person and then ensuring that they actually come on board often requires more than simply posting a job. Instead, it’s all about recruiting, and within that aspect, creating relationships. In other words, if a potential employee doesn’t feel a connection to a potential employer, they will often not want to pursue a career with them. This is just as true within the IT industry as it is, if not more so, simply because potential employees can afford to be a bit pickier when they are highly qualified and immensely skilled within the IT industry. 

To sum it up a little more concisely, IT staffing and recruiting services can help you find the best IT talent for your technology-based roles. This includes the recruitment process and building a relationship between the service and the potential employees. As a result, you can focus on running your business or perfecting the technology that your brand utilizes, while the IT staffing service focuses on building relationships and finding that seemingly impossible to find talent for each and every role needed within your company. 

How to Properly Staff Your IT Team

Now that we have considered why it’s advantageous to partner with an IT staffing and recruiting company to help you fulfill roles, and how it can make a world of difference in the practical nature of finding the right talent for your brand, it’s important to look further into how to properly staff your IT team. This should come before you reach out to a staffing company to help fill roles as this information will help you communicate with them exactly what role the new talent will play and what qualifications they should have. Read on to learn more:


  • Know Your Own Goals and Needs: It might sound simple, and perhaps it is, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect this important step of the process. Before reaching out to an IT staffing service, it’s important to have a good idea of what your business needs and goals are as it relates to a new hire. Create a list of upcoming projects or goals you want to accomplish. This can help you communicate what skills you are most focused on in a new employee. 


  • Look at Your Current Team: The next step in this process includes taking an accurate look at your current team. Ask your team what they can do and find out if there are any hidden talents among your staff already. Then, ask them if they could use help with their current workload or what skills they might benefit from learning to improve their own skill set.


  • Identify Skill Gaps: Next, cross-reference the information you just acquired, meaning take the list you know you need role-wise and skill-wise and then compare it to your current team’s talent. This will highlight areas where there is a gap, areas where the people on your current staff simply aren’t capable either due to time constraints or lack of training or skill to fulfill these certain roles. This is the skill gap you need a staffing service’s help to find. 


  • Establish Clearly Defined Roles: After hiring a new employee, you will need to make sure they understand their role in your company. You don’t want them floundering from task to task in an effort to try to fulfill the gaps left by all your other employees. This can quickly lead to resentment and burnout, overloading a new employee. This often means that you will have to seek out more than one new employee to fulfill all the gaps and needs within IT instead of trying to fit one new employee into a variety of roles. The best IT staffing agencies will be able to help you create a clear and concise role for any new employee before they are even brought on board. 

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IT staffing is an invaluable service within today’s technology industries. In addition, as a business within the technology field, you need to have access to all candidates, not just those who happen to apply to your jobs. Therefore, partnering with a service like our own at Innovar Group, where people are key to our success, can make a huge difference in the success of your technology business as it relates to staffing and recruitment. Since 2000, our technology-staffing firm based in Colorado has been helping businesses fulfill all their technology-based roles. We are happy to partner with your brand to help your talent find their ideal careers and make their way to your brand. We want to make a tangible difference in your business and the lives of your new employees. Contact us today to learn more.