Should I Work With a Staffing Agency in Colorado? An Examination

Working with a staffing agency in Colorado gives you access to something of a “one-stop shop” on your journey towards a better and more efficient hiring process. Most agencies tend to do it all – from screening resumes to checking references to shortlisting potential candidates for available positions and more.

Once they know exactly what you need in terms of new hires, they tap into their experience – not to mention their local connections – to help make that a reality.

Yet at the same time, there are many businesses that are successful with handling the hiring process themselves via their human resources department. That’s a totally valid approach – it’s just one that might not make sense for every type of business, if it’s even realistic at all.

In fact, there are 15 core reasons why you should consider working with a staffing agency in Colorado that are absolutely worth a closer look. 

1. Fill Positions Quickly

For many organizations, the number one reason to partner with a staffing agency in Colorado comes down to the ability to fill vacant positions faster than ever.

When a business tries to handle all aspects of the hiring process in-house, they’re casting the widest possible net by design. It takes time to collect and review resumes, call people in for interviews, etc. That is the time that those positions remain vacant, which ultimately hurts productivity and costs money.

A top staffing agency in Colorado can fill those positions quickly, making sure that important work is capable of getting done without delay.

2. Streamlining Hiring Across the Board

Similarly, the best staffing agencies in Colorado can help you significantly streamline your hiring process. You don’t have to set up the infrastructure yourself, managing job postings, callbacks, etc. A staffing firm already comes with optimized processes for sourcing, screening candidates, interviewing applicants, and even onboarding.

3. Access to Top Tier Talent

Working with a staffing agency in Colorado also gives you access to high quality candidates that you may otherwise not be able to reach. This increases the chances of not only finding the right person for an available job, but finding someone who can achieve peak productivity with minimal training required.

4. It’s a Better Way to Keep Up With Your Needs

As your business grows, constantly going through the hiring process takes resources away from more important matters. A staffing agency can devote their time and attention to making sure you always have new employees so that you can focus on other tasks.

5. Offload Work to Professionals

Reviewing resumes is important, yes – but organizational leadership isn’t necessarily adept at it in the way that a staffing agency would be. There are certain red flags that a manager might miss simply because hiring isn’t the main focus of their job. A staffing agency would not miss those same red flags, however.

6. Quickly Mitigate Risk From Talent Shortages

If you’re dealing with an unexpected talent shortage in your industry, even beginning the process of looking for new candidates takes time. It also becomes harder to attract high quality applicants. A staffing agency in Colorado can get things done quickly for you so that you don’t have to worry about hiring and can instead focus on running the most successful business that you can.

7. A Staffing Agency Can Handle Temporary Hires

Another major reason to work with a staffing agency is that they are better equipped to handle things like temporary or contract staffing needs. If yours is a business that goes through seasonal fluctuations where you need high volumes of employees during particular months, a staffing agency can make sure these needs are met on a temporary basis.

8. Embracing the Temporary-to-Hire Process

Working with a staffing agency also makes it easier to try out employees on a temporary basis to see if they’re a good fit, at which point you can then bring them on permanently if you so choose. It’s simply easier to do if they’re going through a staffing agency as opposed to being hired directly. It’s also more straightforward to get rid of those candidates who are deemed to be a poor fit, too.

9. A Major Cost Reduction

Regardless of your industry, most businesses benefit from the almost immediate cost-savings that come from working with a staffing agency in Colorado. A temporary employee won’t get sick days, vacation pay, access to healthcare, or other benefits like a permanent staff member would.

This is a great way to quickly free up valuable funds that can be used elsewhere in the business where they can make an immediate impact.

10. Access to a Wealth of Knowledge

Keep in mind that those who work with a staffing agency are also bringing with them years of industry-specific experience when it comes to hiring that you may not have. Especially if you’re a young organization, they can help with things like acceptable salary ranges, local market trends, and more to help you remain as competitive as possible.

11. Help Avoid Worker Burnout

One of the tell-tale signs that you should consider working with a staffing agency has to do with the state of your current employees. Even if you don’t realize it, your existing workers may be feeling overloaded.This can not only lead to diminishing returns as far as productivity is concerned, but it can actually hurt morale and create a negative culture in the long run.

Partnering with a staffing agency to find some temporary hires can relieve the stress that others are feeling before it creates a negative impact across the organization. 

12. Organic Help For Your Specific Hiring Needs

Naturally, you’ll need to tailor your approach to hiring based on why a position is vacant in the first place. Finding workers to help with a seasonal surge is a lot different from filling the position of someone who was recently promoted. A staffing agency will understand the context surrounding your needs to help hire quickly, no matter what.

13. Improving Employee Retention

Partnering with the best staffing agencies in Colorado is also a way to help eliminate any employee retention issues you’ve been having. People who are a less-than-ideal fit for a position don’t tend to stay with a business for very long. If they’re not outright terminated, they recognize the disconnect and choose to work elsewhere – thus leaving the organization itself in a bind.

A top staffing agency can help avoid this type of situation entirely by tapping into the best talent pool of qualified candidates to begin with.

14. Assistance With Unexpected Staffing Needs

Even organizations that handle the entirety of their hiring in-house can still find themselves in an unexpectedly unfortunate situation. Maybe an employee has gotten sick and will suddenly need to be away for an indefinite period of time. Maybe they’re taking parental leave at the worst possible moment.

Regardless, partnering with a staffing agency can help make sure that their position is filled and that essential work is getting done until the situation resolves itself. 

15. Get Access to Skills You Don’t Have

Finally, for many organizations one of the most pressing reasons to partner with a top staffing agency in Colorado has to do with getting access to skills you simply do not have. This is especially true if you’re looking to fill positions where highly specialized skills are a requirement, with IT being a top example. All you need to do is tell your staffing agency partners exactly what you’re looking for and why it’s so important. They’ll be able to leverage their own connections to take care of the rest. 

Since its inception in 2000, Innovar Group is proud of the reputation it’s been able to earn as a leading IT staffing agency for organizations in Colorado. Whether you need permanent placement, contract staffing, or something else entirely, they bring with them a team of forward-thinking IT recruiters who can find the right candidate for the right position at exactly the right time.

If you’d like to find out more information about why you should consider working with a staffing agency in Colorado, or if you’d just like to discuss your organization’s own needs with a team of passionate hiring experts in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact Innovar Group today.