Innovar Group is a leading provider of Information Technology Recruiting services for Commercial and Public Sector entities. We are the experts in design and implementation of sophisticated hiring strategies.

Painting the Picture

  A Message from our CEO, Diane Pacheco

A lot of thought went into crafting a company that reflected our entrepreneurial vision. We had both worked in environments where growth at all costs was the theme.

We wanted to create and grow a recruiting company based on quality that allowed us to make a profit while having a personal life so that we could enjoy our families.

As we grew, we made sure to offer our team the same flexibility and quality of life structure that we desired. The result is a high-performing company that has just scratched the surface of what we can become.

Innovar Group is a small minority-owned, women-owned business. Innovar Group’s Executive Team has over fifty years of combined staffing industry experience. Our firm has delivered IT recruitment services for over a decade, having experienced dramatic growth each year.

We have been featured in multiple Business publications and are frequently cited by business magazine reporters. The extensive and dynamic growth of the company is a result of proactive and responsible employees, willing to reach high standards and deliver fantastic customer service.

 Our Mission 

Innovar - derived from the Latin “to innovate” - this is what we set out to do each and every day. We strive to go beyond the norm to utilize innovative next-gen recruiting tools connecting us to the world at large in order to uncover high-impact TECHNOLOGY talent for our valued clients.

Our goal is straightforward: the unmitigated satisfaction of each client.  The difference is significant; we provide consummate service and foster long-term, thriving relationships with our clients.  In essence, we work as a vital member of your talent acquisition team.

 Community Investment

As a “people centric” company, we are proud to be involved in the communities where we operate. We contribute to the well-being of these communities through charitable giving, volunteerism and civic leadership.  Our national giving is focused primarily on children, safety and education.  Our Community Investment has included work and donations with the following organizations:

  • Project Pave
  • Denver Rescue Mission
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • BeanStalk Foundation
  • CASA
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Latina Safehouse

Through our community investments, we strive to improve the communities where we operate by improving education, social services, and the advancement of opportunities for children.​​​​​​​
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