Most job seekers discover a new job through a referral.


of people use word of mouth to find a new job.

We have the power to reach top candidates.


of the workforce won't even consider a job on your team.

Why, because they don't know it exists.


of candidates contacted by a recruiter, accept a job faster.

We make hiring better, quicker, and easier!

Innovar Group is your referral source.

What you can expect from us:


To unique candidates.


Clear, honest communication.

Market Data

On skill sets and compensation.


Through the hiring process.

Tailored solutions to your business initiatives.

Our flexible services allow you to choose the hiring approach that fits your business best

Customers are able to employ both short and long-term staff augmentation services. When your project is complete, you can take advantage of an easy, no cost termination.

If you want to employ an Innovar Group candidate after working with them on a temporary basis, we allow you to convert these candidates to full-time employees – for free.

Innovar draws on numerous years of experience to create recruitment strategies to target high-quality, passive candidates based on our customers’ unique needs.

Our expert consultants have the expertise and passion to understand your business and its technology needs. Innovar Group will help you build, select, and implement entire project teams.

Already have someone in mind? Use our payrolling services, and we can take care of all of the employment details and take tremendous care of the candidate.

At your service.

Our greatest pride is providing exceptional service.

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