The Technology world is always evolving. It is imperative to keep your IT skills fresh, and learn the new skills needed to be successful in your career. On the job learning and development does not have to be time-consuming. Start out by reading a few technology articles to see what is new in the industry. You can also take webinars that are only 30 minutes. Staying up to date on the latest IT trends is one of the easiest, and smartest things you can do to gain a competitive advantage in your career.  You should always be open to new ideas, and teaching people the technical knowledge you know.
Technology user groups are also a great way to stay current with the latest IT trends, and to also connect with people in your industry. (Remember the "Art of Networking" post). You can also share valuable information and act as a leader in your particular career. Most of these user groups are online, free, and easy to join. If you want more of a face-to-face interaction, consider joining a local "Meet-Up" group or in-person user group.
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