iStock_000008151880_ExtraSmallWe all know the saying, "it's not what you know, but who you know." While you can't get a job without your specific knowledge and skills, utilizing your network may very well help get your resume at the top of the pile. Below are some tips to help kick-start your networking process:
1. Social Media: It's out there, it's world wide, so use it! For professionals, LinkedIn is your best social media source for making connections. Start by "connecting" with people you already know. Also, "follow" companies that interest you or that you currently or used to work for in the past. This will help expand your potential network, and help establish more relationships.
2. Find Something You are Passionate About and Broadcast it: Blogs, tweeting, and participating in user groups are a great way to build your reputation and expand your network.
3. Attend Local Events: Networking online is only half the battle. In order to establish deeper connections with people, you need to meet them in person. Find local "Meet-Up" groups, conferences, or other events in your field to attend.
4. Find a Mentor: A mentor cannot only help guide you with professional decisions, but they can also introduce you to new people and new opportunities. Start by finding a mentor at your current job, school, or someone you are close with that is in your line of work.
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