Discussing salary with your boss or Human Resources can always be stressful. We all hope for salary increases, bonuses, etc., but we can't walk into a meeting expecting any of that. Salary negotiations can be tricky, but the important thing is to bring your best foot forward in all the discussions.
Highlight Your Accomplishments: No one ever got a raise just for showing up to work and doing the bare minimum every day. The people who get the bonuses and salary increases are the ones who show their bosses all the things they have accomplished over a certain period of time. If you can't remember all of your accomplishments, make a list and bring it with you to the meeting.
Do Your Research: Research what people at in your industry and at your level of work are making. This will help you gain a better understanding of how "fairly" you are compensated. You also want to make sure you aren't asking for a salary that is way out of the pay scale for your profession. It can also be a good idea to bring your research conclusions to the discussion.
Be Flexible: If your company cannot afford to give you a bonus or salary increase at that time, do not be discouraged. Ask your boss when you might be able to meet again to discuss your salary. If they can't offer you a pay increase, see if you can negotiate certain benefits or perks such as working from home 1-2 days a week, an extra week of vacation, or free office parking. Many times employers are willing to offer extra perks to retain a valuable employee.
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