In any new job, the first few months, or 90 days, is crucial to your success. Not only will the first few months give you a glimpse into how your job will unfold, but it also allows your boss to evaluate your skills, techniques, and fit with the company. Most companies will want to conduct a 90 day review as part of your "onboarding" process. Don't be alarmed in the meeting, as this is a great way to figure out any issues you may have had, and to also map out a career plan with your employer. A 90 day review is also a great time to establish goals and metrics for bonuses and raises. Even if your company doesn't do official reviews, you should request to have one, as this will help you get on the right track for your career.
Items to discuss during an initial review:
  • Review your first few months. Discuss any issues and concerns you may have.
  • Discuss what you have accomplished already. Then discuss what you plan to accomplish during your first year of employment.
  • Define your goals and metrics for achieving those goals.
If concerns do come up in your review, be sure to resolve them in the meeting with your boss. No one expects a new employee to be perfect, but it isĀ important to have open communication between you and your boss if there are concerns.
Once you have your initial review, you will be better prepared for your annual review, allowing you to focus on future accomplishments. Since you will have already established an open line of communication between you and your boss, you will also have less "surprises" in your review. So, if you are a new employee and have not had your initial review yet, take the initiative and ask your boss to sit down with you to discuss your progress.

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