Career Highlight: Systems Administrator

A Systems Administrator is an important part to any technical team. This person is responsible for operating and maintaining a computer system or network efficiently. A Systems Administrator is there to make sure the system is running smoothly, and to fix any problems that may arise.
Responsibilities Include:
  • Computer Operations - responsible for managing the computer's systems and/or network.
  • Risk Management/Troubleshooting - must be able to foresee risks associated with the system, and to fix those problems in a timely manner.
  • Project Management - Oversee projects in terms of the network or computer system, and be able to execute a project successfully.
  • Problem Solving - A Systems Administrator must be on alert at all times as they will be the first person the company calls when there is a system malfunction.
A Systems Administrator has more responsibility than a "technical support" member. They must know more then their Technical Support staff and peers, and have a high level of computer/technical skills to perform this job well. A Systems Administrator may work in a team, or alone on a project or job. Most companies require an undergraduate degree in computer science or IT. There are also many colleges who offer various courses and certifications in Systems Administration.
Here is a great article that explains more about a Systems Administrators duties:
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