Oracle is a management database produced by the Oracle Corporation.  An Oracle Database Administrator or DBA plays an important role in the IT Department of a company. This job can range from an entry level position, all the way to a senior level position. An Oracle DBA is the person responsible for the design, implementation, and management of the Oracle Database System.
  • Design, implement, install, manage, and maintain the Oracle Database System
  • Manage the updates and upgrades of the system
  • Be able to foresee risks, and be able to plan for solutions
  • Maintain the data and be able to report to team members and supervisors on issues and updates
This position usually requires an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or Similar, and a background in Oracle and managing database systems. Experience working with a team, and under pressure is also necessary. The following link goes more in to depth on the role and responsibilities of an Oracle DBA:
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