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Innovar Referral Bonus Program Rules: Innovar Group has developed a referral bonus program in order to tap into the recruiting power of our best employees, candidates, and industry contacts.  We always have a variety of open positions throughout North America, and would like to reward you for assisting us in finding talented people for these excellent career opportunities.
Our program will reward anyone who refers a potential candidate who fits into the conditions below:
To be considered for a bonus Referrals must:
  1. Have Information Technology backgrounds and skills.
  2. Not already be in our database as of the date of your referral. (Exception - if the candidate's information in our system is older than a year, Innovar Management will review and make the final decision.)
  3. Be deemed to be a good fit through both industry experience and qualifications.  Referring partners agree that this decision will be made by Innovar Management and that Innovar’s decision is final.
Referral process:
  1.  Refer a professional by completing the form on our website.  Feel free to recommend people from your network of friends, contacts, professional network, etc.  You don’t need to give us any assurance that the referral is actively looking for a new job.
  2. Get feedback on the results.  We will endeavor to inform you whether your referral has been accepted into the program within one week of referral.
  3. Get paid three ways.
    1. After your referral successfully goes through the screening process and attends an in-person interview with our client, you will be sent a $5 gift card to Starbucks.
    2. Once your referral starts the new role you will be sent a $20 gift card from one of our partners.
    3. Once your referral makes it past the guarantee period, a Big Bonus of a $500 gift card will be sent for the referral.
* For permanent placements, the placement must work for the client through the guarantee period of the client contract in order to be eligible for the referral bonus. * For contract hires, the contractor must work a minimum of 3 months in order for the referring party to be eligible for the referral bonus. Other conditions may apply.  
 Refer a Candidate! 
For questions, please email:
Innovar Group office employees, (sales, recruiters, office staff), are not allowed to participate in this program. 
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