Temporary Help

Technical Temporary Help with Innovar’s Virtual Bench 

The challenge

Our client was faced with a budget that was quickly spiraling out of control, unfilled technical seats that were putting the delivery of the project at risk, and internal customers who were beginning to doubt the capability of the IT group.

 The solution

The Innovar Group team met with high ranking members of the client’s  IT team and developed a strategy that we believed would both save the client money and deliver staffing resources with the ability to bring the project back into scope.  While in agreement with the strategy, our client was hesitant to move forward due to the size of the project coupled with the fact that we had not previously worked together.  To get around this impediment, Innovar Group built a delivery team charged with the responsibility for ensuring ultimate client satisfaction.  We then proposed that our firm take on just a small project of hiring four developers who the client had been unable to source over the previous three months.  It was agreed that if we were able to successfully handle this project, additional work would be presented to us over the coming months.

The result

Within two weeks of the kickoff of the project, Innovar Group was able to fulfill the requirements of the small four person project.  Immediately following this delivery, the client charged Innovar Group with staffing numerous roles within the organization.  Over the next four years, our firm successfully filled over 100 temporary positions for this client spanning over two dozen disparate roles, and multiple states.
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