New Market Expansion

The Challenge

A regional collaboration software company was experiencing dramatic growth, causing them to open a satellite office in Denver to tap into the local talent market.  The client had no hiring authorities in the local market, was still in the process of finalizing office space, and didn't even have interview rooms available.  The client’s need for speedy hires was tremendous, and their emphasis on cultural fit caused an already difficult hiring project to be on the verge of overwhelming.

The Solution

iStock_000018036918_ExtraSmall Innovar Group dedicated a senior leader to the project who slept little and worked many hours over the coming weeks to satisfy the client’s needs.  We first built the “hiring profile” with aid from the client, and helped them to realize that the high bar set by the “cultural fit” requirement could actually be used as an attractor when appealing to job candidates.  We built a process that ensured the smooth facilitation of the entire recruiting process.  From arranging multiple conference interview rooms, facilitating travel arrangements, fast tracking background investigation processing, and leading a team of senior technical recruiters to go beyond what they thought was possible.  We achieved results that even the client doubted could be attained.

The Result

Innovar Group earned a client for life! We ultimately helped the client build a brand new office in Denver by helping them to hire leadership and two dozen staff level workers.  And all of this was performed within the eight week requirement of the client.  We continue to count this company as a client partner today.
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