Having access to top technology talent is KEY to the success of your company

By working with Innovar Group you will increase your hiring performance, reduce turnover, and increase employee productivity and performance in your organization. You will also greatly reduce the risks associated with bringing a poor performer onto your team. Our team of highly dedicated recruiters have the knowledge, skills, and network to provide clients with a best in class group of IT professionals for permanent and temporary positions.

Recruiting Process

Our recruiters have access to the top IT talent, and they only want to submit you the best candidates. By utilizing "Next-Gen" recruiting tools, our recruiters are able to build an elite candidate database.

A phone interview allows our recruiters to get a good feel for the candidate to see if they would be a good fit for your particular job or project. They will ask specific questions related to your job opening to ensure the right candidates are put in front of you. In addition, we like to have a face-to-face interview with all potential candidates if possible. This allows our recruiters to dive deeper into the candidate's qualifications.

Once the phone and face-to-face interviews have concluded, the recruiter will then decide whether or not to submit the candidate's resume and qualifications to you, (the hiring manager). If you decide to pursue the candidate, the recruiter will arrange either a phone or face-to-face interview with you and the candidate.

Depending on the job and time-frame, hiring managers sometimes like to do both a phone and face-to-face interview. With each type of interview, the recruiter will help with scheduling and prepping the candidate for the interview.

If you decide to move forward, the recruiter will perform a minimum of two reference checks on the candidate. These reference checks are key in making a decision on whether or not to offer the job to the candidate.

Congrats! You have made your decision. We will help make the final offer to the candidate and arrange any necessary paperwork needed for them to join your team.

Why Choose Innovar Group?

Customer Centric Focus - We work to understand your organizational needs and to serve as a trusted business advisor. We do not offer quick fix suggestions. We deliver strategic staffing solutions only after having developed a complete understanding of your business requirements.

Superior Talent and Tools - Our stringent hiring processes begin with our internal Recruiters. Only the best and brightest are asked to join our organization. In addition, Innovar has utilized a “best-of-breed” approach in selecting our recruitment tools.

How We Do It


Unparalleled Service Guarantees - Advertisements and traditional recruiting firms guarantee no results – we do. We guarantee replacement of any candidate who fails to meet your expectations. We guarantee that we will deliver results and are willing to be held accountable for them. We guarantee your satisfaction!

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