Let's Get Viral!

Innovar has built a cutting edge referral bonus program in order to tap into the referral power of our very best employees, candidates, and industry contacts.

Get started with 3 easy steps

1. Refer one of your talented friends for any of our open positions.

2. Receive prompt feedback on whether your recommendation has been accepted into the bonus program. 

3. Get a big BONUS! 

Our referral program is better than the rest, and here is why:

  1. We reward you 3 Ways!
    • You get a gift card when your referral simply gets an interview.
    • A bigger gift card when they are hired.
    • BIG BONUS once they surpass the guarantee period.
  2. You choose your bonus from a wide variety of gift partners including:
    • Dining, travel, specialty stores, movies, and more!
Visit here for more information and program rules: Program Information
Click here to complete the referral form:  Refer a Candidate! 

Some of our bonus gift cards include:



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