UI or "User Interface" Developers help design computer programs, mobile applications, and software applications, (to name a few), with an emphasis on a user's "experience" or "interaction" with these programs. UI Developers help make all of these programs and applications easy to use for the every day user.
What Does a UI Developer Need to Know?
  • Knowledge of the program or application for which they will be developing.
  • Extensive knowledge of interface design.
  • Need to be able to analyze systems and determine a solution.
  • Required to know the "information architecture" of the program or application.
  • Usability testing.
  • Understanding of user "needs" for the program or applications.
An undergraduate degree in Information Technology or Computer Science is usually required. http://www.dice.com/ is a great resource for collaborating with other UI Developers and to see what type of jobs are out there for this profession.
Interested in a career in UI Development? Our Recruiters are happy to talk with you about opportunities! [email protected]. You can also see examples of job descriptions on our careers page: https://innovargroup.com/job-seekers/careers/
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