Why Work For Us?

We are a small, entrepreneurial team who come from all walks of life. Below are some characteristics of our diverse team. 

  • We enjoy a varied workload and are capable of setting priorities appropriately and juggling multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • We are willing to bend over backwards to make our clients happy.
  • We find it fairly simple to follow developed processes and believe that doing so often results in successful, repeatable results.
  • We enjoy building things and are excited by the potential that may result. We work hard and play hard.

Yes, We Tend To Be A Little Picky... (But Who Isn't?) 

We're looking for potential employees who are dedicated, motivated and up to the Innovar challenge. If you relate to any of the characteristics below, you might be better suited for another opportunity. 

  • You prefer routine assignments where performing well means dotting i’s, crossing t’s, and punching the clock.
  • You’re easily frustrated by having your priorities influenced by client requests and view change as disruptive to your schedule.
  • You are uncomfortable learning and following new procedures.
  • You prefer waiting for instructions rather than jumping in and offering suggestions for how we can improve our company.

Still Interested? (We Hope So!)

If so, email us a copy of your resume today!


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